"I love sarcastic people with high vocabularies."

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"I want a studio apartment on St. John’s Avenue. I want a lackluster heater so you’re forced to sit closer to me even if you’re mad. I want to walk to that coffee shop down the street because I know you like their blends best. I want my bed and living room to be separated by a square, modern shelf from IKEA that took us three hours to put together with a few lost screws. But I want nothing to separate us. I want to wake up every morning and cook you breakfast just because I can. I want to walk outside and see that little patch of grass to the left of the stoop that pails in comparison to your eyes. I want to smile on my way home from work, knowing that you’ll be on the side of that make-shift partition shelf closest to the door cuddled up with my comforter waiting to watch endless hours of Netflix because we have the next day off. Im longing for you to take over my space week by week, until you have taken over that second nightstand that I don’t use. I’ll only have one nightstand, but every night will be with you. I want to see you every morning when I wake up. I want you to be my favorite part about coming home. Ultimately, I want you to start my life with you right fucking now."

Anonymous asked:
While I totally agree with the quote and the person, you know Chavez is a socialist, right?

We was also a civil tights activist that founded the national farm workers association